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We seek to offer the best services in the medicines and cosmetics fields at IBN Khaldun drug store for all medical service providers in Jordan.

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Dr. Haitham Afif AlMousa graduated from the University of Jordan with a major in pharmacy in 2007. He was one of the pioneers of student work during his studies and headed the blood donation bank in the college, after which he worked in the Al-Hikma Pharmaceuticals Company until 2008. Then he founded the Ali Baba Company for Medical Supplies and worked there until 2012. Then he moved to work as director of the mother’s pharmacy – Al-Rasheed Pharmacy – with the support of the late Dr. Afif Said AlMousa.
Dr. Haitham is also considered one of the pharmacist union activists. He participates in several committees, including the Pharmacy Owners Committee and the Warehouse Owners Committee in the Jordan Pharmacists Syndicate.
Finally, in 2013, Dr. Haitham established Ibn Khaldun Drug Store to be one of the pioneers of drug warehouses in Jordan.

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